Czech Yourself

A serious political drama about spinning too many plates when you probably shouldn’t be spinning plates in the first place because they’re not your plates and I’m not inviting you to dinner again oh God look what you’ve done to my carpet

Czech Yourself is a farce set against the backdrop of the Prague uprising of 1848, that touches on subjects that are unfortunately only too relevant today: an Eastern European country fighting for independence, a cost of living crisis, and street protests that are linked to anti-Semitism.

I received a £15,000 Arts Council grant to develop the show, which was then taken on by Glass Half Full Productions, and it’s been workshopped by Pia Furtado, Tom Attenborough, and Adam Lenson, during which time I was also mentored by Stephen Sondheim. I’m currently pursuing a production.


a play about a girl

A kind of Muslim Annie Hall

“That’s the thing about reality, it’s not constrained by the bounds of plausibility.”

a play about a girl is a meta-comedy that wrestles with the question of how to make sense of a relationship that’s in the past. It’s based on a true story, and was also motivated by the desire to portray two things that are rarely seen on stage: one was to write a great part for a young Bangladeshi actress – Bangladeshis are underrepresented on stage, even though Bangladeshi is the second most widely-spoken language in London – and the other was to portray the adult repercussions of childhood sexual abuse.

The play was dramaturged by Leo Butler, who was the Playwriting Tutor at the Royal Court for a decade.