I wrote all of the songs for my first show, which I played to Stephen Sondheim, and arranged some for piano – see below.

In 2020 I was commissioned to write and perform a composition for a group exhibition in Spiridonov House in Moscow, which was due to be accompanied by a music-responsive light sculpture by Moritz Waldemeyer and a custom scent by Tom Dixon, but was sadly cancelled due to the pandemic.


song arrangementents

The first song I wrote for the first draft of my first show, designed to be a pastiche of Chopin’s Polonaises.

A breakup letter in 3 verses, originally scored for piano, ‘cello, and flute.

The overture from the first draft of my show, originally scored for ‘cello and piano.


birthday pieces

The husband of one of the investors in my show was a Schubert fan, so I wrote him a piano arrangement of a song from my show that was a Schubert/Müller pastiche for his 50th birthday.

A piece I wrote for my sister’s 40th – the name is a tribute to the geeky titles beboppers would give their compositions in the ’40’s. Recorded and then played back on a friend’s Yamaha Disklavier.

A simple Slavic melody I wrote for a Russian student.



I wrote the below as a test: could I arrange an insanely popular grunge track for 3 pianos without it sounding terrible? You be the judge of whether I succeeded or not. I filmed it as a souvenir of a friends’ apartment just before they moved out.