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I teach music like a language to over 40,000 students, and have 2 plays in development. I also filmed long-form interviews with senior figures in Ukraine during the war, and set up a sciences scholarship at Cambridge University.

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For a decade I taught music freelance to signed artists and senior record execs, and developed original teaching methods in the process. Eventually I released them to the general public in the form of interactive video courses, and now have over 40,000 students enrolled worldwide.

I also have a music education blog which features long-form articles and numerous free arrangements and tutorials.


The best piano teacher in London. It even says so on his website.

Lenny Henry


My first play is a farce set against the backdrop of the Prague Uprising of 1848. It was developed by Glass Half Full Productions and I was mentored by Stephen Sondheim during its development. I’m currently pursuing a production.

My second is a meta-comedy that wrestles with the question of how to make sense of a relationship once it’s over. It was dramaturged by Leo Butler, who was Playwriting Tutor at the Royal Court for a decade.


I studied Music at Cambridge, and have been composing and arranging ever since. I wrote all of the songs for my first show, and in 2020 I was commissioned to write and perform a composition for a group exhibition in a palace in Moscow.


No life worthy of the name consists of anything more than the continual series of struggles to develop one’s character through the medium of whatever one has chosen as a career.

Juan Belmonte


I first visited Ukraine in 2021, where I received weapons training and learned to ride a motorbike. I was due to be there the weekend of the invasion, and instead organised a projection project in London, displaying messages from friends onto prominent buildings on the Southbank.

I next visited Ukraine in Oct 2022, when I filmed a couple of amateur interviews that went viral on YouTube, and returned in May 2023 and hired a camera crew to film long-form interviews with figures such as Zelensky’s Economic Advisor (pictured) and the best firearms instructor in the country.


Tigris Scholarship

In Aug 2023 I set up the Tigris Scholarship to sponsor the most exceptional students from underprivileged countries in Latin America, Africa, and Asia to do a one-year masters in the hard sciences at Cambridge University. In addition to full financial support, students can receive one-on-one mentorship from leaders in their field, such as Stephen Wolfram, Lars Blackmore at SpaceX, and the founder of the London Institute for Mathematical Sciences.

In March 2024 we awarded the first scholarship. I’m currently fundraising to enable the scholarship to continue in perpetuity.