I teach music like a language to over 40,000 students, have 2 plays in development, filmed long-form interviews with senior figures in Ukraine during the war, set up a scholarship for underprivileged students to study the hard sciences at Cambridge, and am a regular attendee at the House of Lords and will likely get elected.

Looking for someone to go on adventures with.

music & theatre

I have an online music education business that frees up my time to pursue high-risk creative projects. I’m interested in the philosophical question of what music means, and would like to build my following to a million people.

building networks

I founded a scholarship for students from underprivileged countries in Latin America, Africa and Asia to a one-year master in the hard sciences at Cambridge University, and enlisted people such as Stephen Wolfram, the guy who runs the Starship programme at SpaceX, and the founder of London Institute for Mathematical Sciences, among others, to mentor successful applicants. The scholarship is already one of the most prestigious scholarships in the world, and I’d like to grow it to become one of the largest.


I happened to know interesting people in Ukraine when Russia invaded, and so went back twice during the war to interview senior figures such as Zelensky’s Economic Advisor (left), the best firearms instructor in the country, and the Head of the Veteran Brotherhood. Currently working with a fundraiser to apply for grants to continue the project.

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Instagram: @benedict.westenra