House of Lords

I have been a regular attendee of the House of Lords since 2022. Some of my contributions::

  • Sent Veronica Fleet a detailed proposal outlining how the new Model Music Curriculum could be further improved without additional cost to the taxpayer, and met with Stephen Parkinson to discuss its implementation.
  • Gave Charles Moore most of his Ukraine contacts for his columns about the Russia-Ukraine War in the Telegraph and Spectator, and then introduced him to them in person when we visited Kyiv, Kharkiv and Izium in May, 2023.
  • Spoke to the Ukrainian Ambassador about US policy in Ukraine, who then invited me to meet him in the Ukrainian Embassy to talk about my interview project.
  • Suggested amendments to drafts of the Online Safety Bill that were reflected in the final version passed into law in October 2023.
  • Grilled Prime Minister Rishi Sunak over his communications strategy.
  • Regularly attend Anne Jenkins’ all-party meetings on gender policy.

I ran for election in Nov 2023 and received 37 first-choice votes, which would have been enough to win in the previous election but not in that one. I intend to run again the next time a seat becomes available.

Top: photograph I took of Richard Dawkins looking at a carving of God in the cloisters in the Houses of Parliament.
Bottom: photograph I took of Charles Moore and his fixer drinking coffee just off Freedom Square in Kharkiv, May 2023.